Abandoned pushchairs and dancing caterpillars at Castle Hill

Sunday involved a 10 mile hike from London Road to Castle Hill nature reserve in Woodingdean. I really love this place, there is something very magical about it that was exaggerated by the crisp winter sun burning in the sky. I was surprised to spot rather a few caterpillars including the Fox Moth (thank you Alex for knowing what flavour it was, coincidently he had mentioned in a talk about his digital artwork a few weeks previously). Randomly we came across not one, but two abandoned prams throughout the day.

We also found a derelict farm with some rather strange graffiti over the walls…

“Day 24 ate my first sheep around the…”

“Day 30 feeling dodgey”

I really like seeing narrative creepy graffiti scrawled over the walls where people once inhabited. I have come across this phenomena a few times. Once I found a wistful depiction of a turkey cooking inside an oven drawn upon the wall of a squat that reeked of drug use and human excrement. And another time I found the inscription ‘home is where the heart is’ scrawled upon the wall of an abandoned house, with a forlorn lost teddy bear placed on a chair in front watching a smashed up TV, see the photo of this here.



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