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Girls, girdles and gorillas in the mist

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY, Sussex / 02-21-2015 / No Comments »

Such a good feeling to get my Nikon out again above the clouds and mist today at Ditchling Beacon. I haven't seen anything quite like it before, so beautiful...[gallery ...

The fishermen of Frimley Pits

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY / 05-13-2014 / No Comments »

I finally got to visit the Hatches lakes this weekend as my mum had managed to get a key and membership to the privately owned land which is now a fishery. I used to live right next to these beautiful lakes when I was a child, they were open to the public back then and we spent many a sunny day ...

Hide and Sequenced exhibition at Brighton Media Centre

Art and shizz, BLOG, Ten days of soup string theory / 03-14-2014 / No Comments »

Photos from my Ten Days of Soup String Theory project in situ at our group exhibition at Brighton Media Centre's Freise-Green House Gallery, February 14th - March 12th 2014. I would like to say a big thank you to whoever left a mouldy tea bag in one of my soup cups :)[gallery ...

Aldershot, army hospitals, abandoned shops and sunny suburbs

BLOG, Suburban decay and urban rot, Urban exploration / 03-10-2014 / No Comments »

This weekend I visited Aldershot, a bleak, run down town in Hampshire and home of the British army. The high street was inhabited by a mixture of Ghurkas and overweight, tracksuit clad people of the lower classes, who seemed to like shouting random words that made no sense at each other. Most of the ...

Grime and slime in the backstreets of Brighton

BLOG, PHOTOGRAPHY, Suburban decay and urban rot, Sussex / 03-06-2014 / No Comments »

Another day another back street wonder. I never realised how grimy Brighton actually is before taking capturing it with my camera this weekend. It's like a once beautiful woman, ruined by drink and drugs, slowly ageing but painting over the rot with a ton of makeup... [gallery ...

Wondering and wandering through the tunnels of Worthing

BLOG, PHOTOGRAPHY, Sussex / 02-24-2014 / No Comments »

In my quest to fully understand the workings of my new Nikon, I have taken to wondering around the backstreets of urban areas to try and find interesting subjects to photograph. I find it really fascinating how the trail of human life is imprinted onto the landscape, intertwined with mismatched, weather ...

Queens goose squirrel park

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY, Sussex / 01-23-2014 / No Comments »

A brief wonder round Queens Park in Brighton provided the opportunity to get some shots of cheeky squirrels and aggressive geese...[gallery ...

Sunday sunrise, storms and severed starfish in Shoreham-by-Sea

BLOG, Great burning ball in the sky, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY, Sussex / 01-09-2014 / No Comments »

I managed to haul myself out of bed first thing on Sunday morning to catch the sunrise (the only bit of sun for the day). Even though I HATE litter, I always find it fascinating seeing what the stormy seas have washed up on the shore...[gallery ...

Schools out forever

BLOG, Great burning ball in the sky, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY, Urban exploration / 01-06-2014 / No Comments »

This morning I took my new Christmas present camera (a Nikon D3200) for it's first outing, looking for a derelict school based on old army barracks nearby to my family home in Deepcut. On the way there, I walked past a very beautiful church called St Barbara's, apparently Colin Firth and Samuel L ...

Depressing New Years trudge around Stanmer Park

BLOG, Decay and dying, Great burning ball in the sky, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY, Sussex / 01-04-2014 / No Comments »

Stanmer Park is quite possibly one of the most depressing places I have ever had the misfortune to visit. It is full of badly behaved children, litter, dogs mess in bags left hanging in trees and hideous people in cars that honk at you if you don't scramble in the mud to get out of their way as they ...

Inanimate objects shaped like sea creatures

BLOG, Fun with food and drink, Mundane findings, Office fun and games / 12-07-2013 / No Comments »

Today my work colleague presented our pod of desks with a misshapen twiglet. Upon closer inspection, I soon noticed that it resembled a seahorse and immediately grabbed my iPhone to snap it before it was devoured. I then realised that it was actually the third inanimate object I have found that has ...