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Sunrise over steaming suburbia

BLOG, Great burning ball in the sky, Nature and wildlife, Nostalgia and memory, PHOTOGRAPHY / 11-11-2013 / No Comments »

Yesterday morning I woke up super early to go for a walk and watch the sun rise over the Hatches lake, near to where I grew up. I remember this place as being really haunting, years ago when I was there with my family, a boy from the local village drowned in the lake after jumping off a swing tied to a ...

Abandoned pushchairs and dancing caterpillars at Castle Hill

BLOG, Great burning ball in the sky, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY / 11-05-2013 / No Comments »

Sunday involved a 10 mile hike from London Road to Castle Hill nature reserve in Woodingdean. I really love this place, there is something very magical about it that was exaggerated by the crisp winter sun burning in the sky. I was surprised to spot rather a few caterpillars including the Fox Moth ...

Die Fotografie aus meinem Urlaub in Deutschland

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, Weird and wonderful randomness / 10-30-2013 / No Comments »

Germany is a beautiful and wondrous country and everything they do is a million times better than the UK. I have compiled the following list illustrating some of the things that I noticed (scroll down for photos)... Older people are valued and catered for as much as younger people They have skinny ...

Trolley graveyards and dog mess galore at Tide Mills

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY, Rust and industrial machinery / 10-26-2013 / No Comments »

Today I went for a walk at Tide Mills. Despite going there to see the derelict village, I didn't actually take any photos of it. I did encounter a few interesting sights including a solitary old lady sitting amongst the ruins drinking what looked like to be whiskey from a hip flask, and a vast variety ...

Weird and wonderful items for sale at Mytchett car boot sale

BLOG, Weird and wonderful randomness / 09-02-2013 / No Comments »

I love car boot sales. They are such a refreshing change from the monotonous dull grey tedium of the shopping centres. Saying that, they are slowly becoming full up with cheap badly made cast offs from Primark and George at Asda which I find thoroughly depressing and symbolic of the throwaway culture ...

Angry birds

BLOG, Nature and wildlife / 05-02-2013 / No Comments »

Today I visited Birdworld in Farnham. It was an excellent day filled with lots of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians and I thoroughly recommend going if you enjoy bothering creatures, although there seemed to be rather a few angry birds at Birdworld. I can only assume they were pissed off at being ...

The making of Lost Teddy Found installation

BLOG, Lost and found, Lost Teddy Found / 02-07-2013 / No Comments »

Over the course of 4 months (July-October 2012), I collected every lost object that I found on my travels and took field recordings (audio/photos/film) of each object in its original environment with the idea in mind to create some sort of digital lost and found installation, Lost Teddy Found (name ...

The long cold sober seaside walk

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, PHOTOGRAPHY / 01-08-2013 / No Comments »

Stone cold sober January brings on the need to detox and do healthy things such as walk 10 miles around Brighton, Hove, Saltdean and Rottingdean. The original plan was to walk from Castle Hill to Rottingdean but the fog was so bad that we couldn't see a few feet in front of us and thought it might be ...

Mile High Oak club

BLOG, Nature and wildlife, Rust and industrial machinery / 10-16-2012 / No Comments »

A spontaneous visit to Mile Oak Farm on an overcast day provided a great opportunity to take some photos with my new iPhone 4S and play around using a great little app called Camera+. Despite being a very small farm with disappointingly not very many animals to pet (or bother), there were some great ...

Painting with light workshop with Alex May

Art and shizz, BLOG / 10-04-2012 / No Comments »

I recently partook in a great work shop on video mapping with the very talented artist, programmer, creative technologist and more, Alex May. He was showing his new free software 'Painting with Light' that he has developed and launched as part of Brighton Digital Festival. Working with a friend we ...

Collect. Convert. Converge. Audio Visual event for Brighton Digital Festival 2012

Art and shizz, BLOG / 09-28-2012 / No Comments »

Myself and fellow artist Jennifer Milarski organised an evening of audio/visual digital media and lost and found installation as part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2012 called Collect. Convert. Converge. The event took place in the Globe on Friday 28th September and we had live sound performances ...

Bring Your Own Beamer night at Brighton Digital Festival

Art and shizz, BLOG / 09-07-2012 / No Comments »

Myself and a few friends visited the Bring Your Own Beamer night at the Brighton Dome. It was one of the events that was part of the Brighton Digital Festival which happened throughout September 2012. The idea is that you bring your own laptop with your film on and plug it into their projectors so it ...