Inanimate objects shaped like sea creatures

Today my work colleague presented our pod of desks with a misshapen twiglet. Upon closer inspection, I soon noticed that it resembled a seahorse and immediately grabbed my ...

planet fruit tea negative

The planet fruit tea

I found a rather interesting and beautiful looking stain at the bottom of my work colleagues tea mug made by the raspberry and acai berry fruit tea that he likes to drink. I ...

Depressing monday morning train window

On the train

A sound track that I made by sampling my entire journey into work one morning, from my front door, walking to the train station, getting on the train, getting off the ...

10. potato-leek

Day 10. Potato and leek (again). 5 soup strings.

N.b. Last day of experiment culminated in a pleasant flavoursome experience.

9. tomato

Day 9. Tomato (again). 6 soup strings.

N.b. Couldn't stomach consuming this flavour again, so strings were extracted by performing a sifting process using 2 paper cups, a spoon, a fork and the toilet bowl. ...

8. vegetable

Day 8. Vegetable. 4 soup strings.

N.b. If nothing had a taste, then this would be it.

7. lentil-daal

Day 7. Lentil Daal. 0 soup strings.

N.b. Initial flavour was tasty but was then followed by a disappointing muddy

6. cream-of-mushroom

Day 6. Cream of mushroom. 0 soup strings.

N.b. Grey in colour, this soup resembled liquidised

5. tomato

Day 5. Tomato. 7 soup strings.

N.b. Particularly foul tasting, hard to swallow without gagging.