Plastic bags and pikeys in Portslade

A spontaneous Sunday afternoon visit to Portslade industrial estate. I love this place, it looks so bleak and depressing but with the sun glaring it’s more like a magical planet out a sci-fi film. I had a run in with some pikey men who were yelling lewd obscenities at me so didn’t stick around for too long as I was there on my own. ゠What I enjoy most about this place is the variety of plastic bags and litter caught in all the fencing and flapping about in the wind with the sun shining through different grades of their transparency.

DSCF3346 DSCF3348 DSCF3356 DSCF3364 DSCF3366 DSCF3375 DSCF3379 DSCF3383 DSCF3392 DSCF3395 DSCF3404 DSCF3412 DSCF3414 DSCF3421 DSCF3423 DSCF3424 DSCF3443 DSCF3446 DSCF3448 DSCF3449 DSCF3454 DSCF3457 DSCF3458 DSCF3460 DSCF3463 DSCF3468 DSCF3470



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