Ray of light – early morning nostalgia

I have been thinking a lot about nostalgia and memories recently having come back to the house where I grew up more than usual. I have always been really interested in nostalgia and what triggers certain memories – smell, sight and sound, and finding objects or media from childhood. I guess similarly to a lot of other people, part of me wants to re-visit a childhood where perhaps things were happier, easier and less complicated.

Anyway, this morning I woke up unusually early (confused by the clocks going back) and lay in bed staring at the wardrobe in my room. I noticed a pattern of light that the sun was casting through the curtains. It was dancing around and changing colour and shape then faded into nothing and didn’t come back. I managed to capture it (badly with my HTC) before it disappeared…

This morning just brought back childhood memories of that time just after waking up waiting for the chaos of everyday life to begin. I would lie and stare at the walls and ceiling watching the light dance around pretending it was a fairy or some mythological animal, something a lot more interesting than it actually was. I wouldn’t even to begin to think like that now, unless I was under the influence of something perhaps! I wonder at what point in childhood our perception of reality takes over and stops us believing or even just thinking in anything else other than the literal.




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