Sunrise over steaming suburbia

Yesterday morning I woke up super early to go for a walk and watch the sun rise over the Hatches lake, near to where I grew up. I remember this place as being really haunting, years ago when I was there with my family, a boy from the local village drowned in the lake after jumping off a swing tied to a tree.

Unfortunately this time I was unable to gain access to the lake, nearly¬†two years ago when I last visited (see previous blog), I was able to scale the fence but yesterday they seemed to have improved security and added a bunch of barbed wire and a security patrol. I can only assume it’s to stop pikeys getting in a stealing all the fish, now it serves as a fishery.

I ended up following a path that lead me into suburbia. On the way home, I walked past the local church and noticed the sun streaming through the trees casting beautiful dappled shadows onto a memorial plaque from the Great War, a rather fitting phenomena for Remembrance Sunday…



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