The life and times of my glittery painted aubergine

Recently I was reminded of an ‘experiment’ that I carried out last spring when my friend jokingly gifted me with an aubergine and painting kit for my 30th birthday in order for me to decorate it. The joke turned into a decaying photography project as I documented the aubergines demise over the following months before having to banish it to the garden where I promptly forgot about it. The last few photos were taken 6 months later when it had evolved into a something that resembled a leathery deflated balloon. Here are the results:

29th April 2013

1 2

6th May 2013

3 4

7th May 2013


14th May 2013

6 7

21st May 2013


27th May 2013


19th June 2013

10 11 12

22nd November 2013

13 14



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