The planet fruit tea

I found a rather interesting and beautiful looking stain at the bottom of my work colleagues tea mug made by the raspberry and acai berry fruit tea that he likes to drink. I frantically photographed the stain before it got washed away. After sharing the photograph with colleagues on a well-known social network, my work colleague decided to edit the image by inverting it and therefore creating another even more beautiful version. We decided that the new version resembled a planet and named the photograph after this realisation.

The next day, the same thing happened so we repeated the process of photographing then inverting to a negative state, this time it produced something that looked like an eyeball. I then decided to experiment with different flavours of fruit tea and posted the photographs to the well known-social network where friends and acquaintances would discuss what the fruit stains resembled therefore creating a fitting name for each one.

Comments so far from social networks have been that they look like the Doomsday Machine from Star Trek, a deep space nebula called the Helix nebula and the island of Boro Boro.


EYEBALL – cranberry and strawberry fruit tea stain


PLANET – cranberry and strawberry fruit tea stain


SUN – blackberry and acai berry fruit tea stain


ARCTIC – fruit tea stain (camomile, honey and vanilla)


CRATER – fruit tea stain (blackberry and nettle)


FISH EYE – fruit tea stain (peppermint)


ULTRASOUND – fruit tea stain negative (coffee)




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