Trolley graveyards and dog mess galore at Tide Mills

Today I went for a walk at Tide Mills. Despite going there to see the derelict village, I didn’t actually take any photos of it. I did encounter a few interesting sights including a solitary old lady sitting amongst the ruins drinking what looked like to be whiskey from a hip flask, and a vast variety of decrepit industrial fencing. The locals seem to enjoy letting their dogs poop everywhere at this place, the whole place was humming with the stench of a million cans of processed Pedigree Chum.

My favourite part was the bed of the river Ouse which fully exposed a sea of sand covered shopping trolleys casting shadows in the sun like some kind of fossilised dinosaur burial ground.

And here is a short film ┬áthat I made capturing some of the many of plastic bags I found snagged on fences…




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