Ten days of soup string theory

Ten Days Of Soup String Theory is part of my larger project entitled Don’t Give Up The Day Job (a series of creative experiments in the workplace).

The photos in this series document the strings of unidentified fibres that I find in the canteen soup where I work. Firstly they were photographed on a plate in their initial environment at the point of which they were discovered, and then each string was magnified and re-photographed under a microscope. I am still yet to discover what these unidentified strings are made from. See the links below for full documentation of the days soup with magnified photographs of each soup string:

Day 1. Leek and potato. 10 soup strings.

Day 2. Roast pepper and aubergine. 5 soup strings.

Day 3. Squash, parsnip and potato. 4 soup strings.

Day 4. Potato and broccoli. 3 soup strings.

Day 5. Tomato. 7 soup strings.

Day 6. Cream of mushroom. 0 soup strings.

Day 7. Lentil Daal. 0 soup strings.

Day 8. Vegetable. 4 soup strings.

Day 9. Tomato (again). 6 soup strings.

Day 10. Potato and leek (again). 5 soup strings.

And here is a selection of my favourite magnified soup string photos…





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